FAQ for Shoppers

Just log in to flypur.com tap on order anything and tap again on your preferences if you are shopping locally tap on local if shopping domestically taps on domestic and for international orders tap on international. You can even buy food with flypur if you are looking to try domestic speciality or even local speciality you can just use our order anything section. For Example:- if you live in Delhi and you fancy a vada pav from Mumbai just use our services to get your desired food item with the help of the peer network. Even if you fancy a local speciality like chole bathure or something from Chandni Chowk our peer network will enable you to fulfil your desire.
Once you place your request the travellers travelling from your desired location to your location will see your request, once any one of them accepts you need to pay
Whether its food or general item its the duty of the buyer to check the item before taking the delivery. if you get any issue you can always open a support ticket. The best recommendation from us to avoid any issue is to check the images of the item over the chat while the traveller makes the purchase for you.

FAQ for Travellers

Flypur for travellers works for local travellers, domestic travellers as well as international travellers. If you are travelling locally for example from a Gk Market in Delhi to Preet Vihar in Delhi you can post your trip or browse orders from that area to the other. if anyone places a request you can fulfil that order and make some cash on the way! Similarly, flypur works for a domestic as well as international travellers concept is same as local but the destinations are different.
Once you deliver the item to the traveller and he gives the confirmation you will get reimbursed along with the cost of the item with the traveller fee.