Rejection & Refunds

Shoppers may refuse to accept the Items only if the Traveller has brought incorrect goods (for example, specifications which differ from the agreement between the parties, in terms of brand, color, style, size, etc.) or the condition of the Items is other than that agreed to between the parties (for example, damaged or used items or otherwise not in the condition represented) and if the traveller did not come. Shoppers may not refuse acceptance of Items because they changed their mind about the transaction, or through an attempt to renegotiate the price of the items or because they have found the items elsewhere. Shoppers agree that Flypur, in its sole discretion, may determine whether the reason for rejection is acceptable under applicable policies and if Flypur determines the rejection is impermissible or unauthorized, Shoppers agree that they may be charged and the transaction completed as agreed to by the parties. Except as set forth above, in instances where the Shopper fails to appear for inspection and acceptance within five (5) days of the delivery date, Shoppers are required to confirm delivery of Items in order to release funds to Travelers.